Food Safety ELISA Test Kit Sales Manager

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Food Safety Testing Kit Sales Job Description

1. According to the company's strategic planning and annual sales plan, complete the regional sales task.

2. Maintain key customers, maintain good cooperative relations with customers and the same industry, effectively manage customers, and solve customer needs in a timely manner.

3. Participate in market research, plan to participate in domestic exhibitions, grasp market trends, be familiar with industry conditions and have unique insights.

4. Collect and find customer information and establish customer files.

5. In-depth understanding of the industry, grasp the latest sales information and feedback to the company, provide the company with a strategic basis for business development and price positioning.

Job Requirements

1. Have a strong interest in sales.

2. Customer resources are preferred.

3. Immunology, biotechnology, food, analytical chemistry and other related majors, excellent conditions are preferred.

4. Industry experience is preferred: Food safety inspection and testing technology and sales experience is preferred, familiar with meat product processing, dairy product processing, aquatic product processing, honey, grain and oil, feed and other industries, veterinary drug residues, pesticide residues, mycotoxins, heavy metals and other professional fields have relevant experience is preferred.

5. Have a certain professional technical level, experience in the operation of large instruments such as gas chromatography-mass chromatography, liquid chromatography, etc. is preferred.

6. Able to adapt to business trips in various regions.

Food Safety ELISA Test Kit Marketing Promotion

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Job Description

1. Develop company brand, product publicity planning and promotion.

2. Responsible for the daily operation of the company's official website, official account and other platforms to enhance the popularity of the industry.

3. Responsible for the online promotion of the company's products, integrating self-media resources, and promoting the company's core products.

4. Plan domestic and foreign industry exhibitions, forums and other marketing activities to enhance brand image.

5.Regularly investigate industry information and dynamics to provide information support for product promotion.

Job Requirements

1. Marketing promotion, advertising and other related majors are preferred.

2. Have good writing skills, strong information collection and integration ability, active thinking and strong innovation ability.

3. Have practical experience in copywriting planning or domestic and foreign market promotion.

4. 2 years and above experience, interested in or have a certain understanding of the food safety testing industry is preferred.

IVD & POCT Sales Manager

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IVD&POCT Sales Job Description

1. Be able to independently complete the collection and analysis of regional market information, and formulate corresponding action plans.

2. Able to independently develop distributors and terminal hospital customers, and establish benchmark customers.

3. Complete the sales targets issued by the company and promote the achievement of the tasks of each production line.

4. Put forward reasonable suggestions for the sales of regional nucleic acid testing products. (COVID-19, Hepatitis, HPV, Respiratory Series)

Job Requirements

1. Biotechnology, medicine, marketing and other related majors.

2. More than 3 years of sales experience in IVD & POCT industry.

3. Customer resources are preferred.

4. Have keen market insight and sensitivity, and have strong planning ability.

5. Familiar with molecular diagnosis sales market, with rich regional customer resources.

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