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The pregnancy test products generally use HCGB antibody, REAGEN pregnancy test antibody CTP, has high specificity, HCGB and LH similarity is very high, the only difference in the preparation method of CTP monoclonal antibody, which is characterized by recombinant human red The E-CTP fusion protein (EPO-CTP) is used for eukaryotic expression, and the pure protein is obtained. The mice are immunized, and the immune serum is screened by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. The high-priced mouse spleen cells are fused with myeloma cells to select The culture medium was cultured and cloned by limiting dilution method. Finally, a positive hybridoma cell strain stably stabilizing specific antibody was obtained, and cultured in a large amount. 1×106 cells were injected into the abdominal cavity induced by ascites of the same mice, and purified. Anti-hCGβ-CTP monoclonal antibody pure protein. This provides a material basis for the improvement of specificity of pregnancy test products and the development of tumor drugs targeting hCGβ.

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