Floor type high speed refrigerated centrifuge

Floor type high speed refrigerated centrifuge

  • Brand:REAGEN
  • Model:RNE90220

1. Equipped with ultra-light composite material rotor, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, fast lifting speed!

2. AC variable frequency brushless motor drive, basically no maintenance;

3. Large-screen LCD display, can display and store 40 sets of programming parameter operations;

4. 304 stainless steel cavity, double automatic lock cover to ensure safety;

5. With overspeed, overtemperature, door cover self-locking, unbalance and other protections to ensure human-machine safety;

6. Imported compressor units and environmentally friendly fluorine-free refrigerants are used;

7. There are fixed casters at the bottom of the centrifuge for easy movement;

8. The body is small and compact, the power of the whole machine is small, economical and environmentally friendly.

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