Notice of the Ministry of agriculture on doing a good job in 2018 slaughter industry management

All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, animal husbandry and veterinary ( agriculture and animal husbandry, agriculture ) department ( bureau, Committee, office ), the Xinjiang production and construction corps animal husbandry and veterinary bureau:
In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the party’s 19th national congress, fully implement the central on the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization, promote the decision-making and deployment of ” quality” and ” green” to promote agriculture, in accordance with the ” national agricultural modernization plan ( 2016 – 2020 )” ” the Ministry of agriculture on strengthening the management of slaughtering industry to ensure the quality and safety of meat” relevant requirements, improve the slaughter supervision ability, maintain the quality and safety of slaughtering links, we will do a good job in 2018 slaughter industry management notice as follows. 

I、Highlight key points and promote high-quality development of the slaughtering industry 

( a ) to carry out pig slaughtering qualification audit clean – up. All localities should be in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry, organize and carry out pig slaughtering qualification audit clean-up activities, combined with the slaughter laws and regulations publicity and implementation, in accordance with the principle of territorial management and ” who approves, who supervises”, under the unified leadership of the local people’s government, jointly with the relevant departments to carry out audit clean – up, strictly grasp the pig slaughtering plant ( field ) set up standards, resolutely shut down does not meet the conditions for the establishment of pig slaughtering plant ( field ), accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, accelerate the pig slaughtering qualification audit clean-up work.   
( two ) to carry out the standardization construction of pig slaughtering. All localities should be in accordance with the requirements of the national pig slaughtering standardization construction implementation plan “, around the facilities standardization, environmental neatness, production standardization, scientific testing, harmless treatment, regulatory normalization of standard requirements, organize the construction of a number of standardized pig slaughtering plant. Through the development of standardization construction, the main focus on ” centralized slaughtering, brand management, cold chain circulation, cold fresh listing”, stimulate the enterprise endogenous power, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry, improve the slaughter industry scale, mechanization, standardized production level. Guide the scale of slaughtering enterprises to extend the industrial chain upstream and downstream, promote the development of the integration of the 123 industry. In order to promote system innovation, mechanism innovation, technological innovation, demonstration and leading as the focus, do a good job in the construction of pig slaughtering standardization demonstration plant.   
( three ) to carry out special rectification of pig slaughtering. All localities should continue to further promote the supervision of pig slaughtering ” mine action”, a comprehensive summary of work experience, and strive to consolidate the crackdown on illegal acts endangering meat quality and safety ” hundred days action” results. Organization to carry out 2018 annual pig slaughtering supervision special rectification action, continue to maintain the slaughter link illegal behavior of high pressure strike hard situation, crack down on private tu indiscriminate slaughter, slaughtering dead pigs, water injection or injection of other substances and other illegal behavior, to prevent unqualified meat out of slaughterhouses, maintain the quality and safety of pig products. Establish and improve the reporting verification system, announced the complaint telephone, timely investigation and handling of outstanding issues reflected by the masses.

II、Constant efforts should be made to strengthen supervision over quality and safety in the slaughtering process 

( a ) to strengthen the daily supervision. All localities should be in accordance with the ” pig slaughtering plant ( field ) supervision and inspection norms”, ” pig slaughtering plant ( field ) flight inspection measures” requirements, solid to carry out daily supervision and annual inspection of pig slaughtering, timely carry out flight inspection. Strictly implement the slaughter and quarantine system, standardize the quarantine behavior. Strengthen the slaughter link disease pig harmless treatment supervision, and actively promote the disease pig harmless treatment subsidy policy implementation, to prevent the disease pig and its products from the slaughterhouse. Actively assist the production safety supervision and management, public security fire control, quality and technical supervision departments, in accordance with the division of responsibilities to strengthen the investigation of livestock and poultry slaughter safety hazards.   
( two ) supervise and urge the slaughter enterprises to implement the main responsibility. All localities should urge slaughtering enterprises to earnestly fulfill the slaughter link quality and safety of the main responsibility, strict implementation of the relevant laws, regulations and standards, the implementation of the admission inspection, slaughter and rest, meat inspection slaughter the whole process of quality and safety control measures, truthfully do a good job in production records. Supervise and urge slaughtering enterprises to effectively fulfill the main responsibility for production safety, strengthen the daily management of production safety, establish and improve the management system of production safety, improve the archives, the implementation of various measures. Promote the slaughter enterprise integrity management system construction, in accordance with the requirements of the ” on accelerating dishonesty was executed credit supervision, warning and punishment mechanism construction opinions”, the pig slaughtering link in violation of the provisions of the regulations on the administration of pig slaughtering units and individuals into the key regulatory objects, increase the frequency of supervision and inspection.  
( three ) to strengthen the supervision and inspection of slaughtering links. All localities should continue to do a good job in pig slaughtering link ” lean meat essence” supervision and sampling, to further strengthen the slaughter of cattle and sheep link ” lean meat essence” supervision and sampling. Continue to improve the slaughter link quality and safety risk monitoring mechanism, and comprehensively promote the slaughter link quality and safety risk monitoring. Urge slaughtering enterprises to implement the ” lean meat essence” self-inspection system, the establishment of slaughter enterprise moisture self-inspection system, and gradually establish a slaughter enterprise self-inspection results as an important reference of meat quality and safety inspection system. Increase the intensity of inspection, the test results are not qualified, should be investigated and dealt with according to law; Suspected of a crime, should be promptly transferred to the public security organs for investigation and handling. 

III、Cooperate closely to promote the joint governance of the slaughter industry 

( a ) to strengthen the responsibility of government territorial management. All localities should further promote the implementation of the government territorial management responsibility, the establishment of ” local government overall responsibility, regulatory responsibilities, enterprises as the first responsible person” slaughter link quality and safety responsibility system, the slaughter link quality and safety as an important part of ensuring food safety. Establish and improve the slaughter link quality and safety supervision and coordination mechanism, as a whole to do a good job in the construction of slaughter supervision system, slaughter enterprise qualification audit cleaning, slaughter special rectification work.
( two ) to strengthen cooperation between departments. Around the animal husbandry and veterinary departments should strengthen cooperation with the public security departments, strengthen the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice convergence, in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the supreme people’s court, the supreme people’s procuratorate on the handling of criminal cases against food safety applicable law interpretation of several issues “, timely to the public security organs transferred to the relevant illegal cases, severely punish the slaughter of illegal and criminal acts. The slaughter supervision and law enforcement inspection found in the black clues to the public security organs in a timely manner. In accordance with the opinions of the Ministry of agriculture, food and drug administration on further strengthening the inspection and quarantine of livestock and poultry slaughter and livestock and poultry products into the market or production and processing enterprises after the supervision work “, refine the responsibilities of the department, effective convergence of slaughter and market access management.
( three ) to improve the ability of industry self – discipline. All localities should give full play to the role of social organizations in the development of the slaughter industry, guide and support the relevant industry associations, learn to strengthen their own construction, standardized management, promote mutual exchange and cooperation, establish and improve the slaughter industry self-discipline norms and professional ethics standards, standardize the slaughter enterprise management behavior, promote the healthy development of the slaughter industry.