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Company Introduction

focusing on PCR,NGS,ELISA and lateral flow rapid test kits including food safety test kits, human and animal infectious disease diagnostic kits in US for 12 years.

REAGEN manufactures innovative diagnostic kits for detection of antibiotics, veterinary drugs, mycotoxins, algal toxins, estrogens, pesticides, industrial pollutants, infectious diseases, as well as raw materials for molecular diagnostics and immunoassays. Our diagnostic systems are fast and easy to operate and designed to efficiently guarantee the quality of the assays in the laboratory. 

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Core Products

PCR Kit:

Feline Coronavirus,COVID-19, Hepatitis C,HBV

Algal Toxin Test Kit:

Tetrodotoxin ELISA Kit,TTX strip test

Food In Test kit:

Vitamin B12,Vitamin B7,Vitamin B9,L-Carnitine, Nitrate/Nitrite, Thiocyanate

Insecticide Test Kit:


Veterinary Drug Residues Test Kit:

Nitrofurazone(SEM), Nitrofurantoin(AHD), Furazolidone(AOZ), Furaltadone(AMOZ), Chloramphenicol(CAP), Fluoroquinolone(FQS), Tetracycline(TET)

Experimental Instrument:

Microplate reader,Microplate washer, Centrifuge, pipette, HealForceReal-TimePCR

REAGEN INC Company Video

This video showcases the efforts and development of REAGEN INC in the past 12 years, you are welcome to watch.