Translator Earphone

Translator Earphone

REAGEN Translator Earphone is a multifunctional mobile phone that integrates translation, phone calls and music listening.

1.Product Introduction

Welcome to use i4 True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds

1.This product adopts the industry’s advanced Deep Neural Network ENC chinset solution. with excellent music sound qualitv calling noise cancellation and easy to use operation.which will bring different surprises and experience to your lifework,ournev.

2. This product supports Music mode,Gaming modeMono mode.You can simply connect a single earbud to make a call or listen to the mobile phone navieation tone when you are driving or that the iourney is safe and worry-free. It can also be useo in pairs (stereo) to enter the wonderful world of music or enioy fun Gaming time.

3. This product supports Auto in-ear Sensor which will auto play and pause once you wear or remove earbuds from your ears while you are listening to music.Tap 3 times left earbuds to switch On/Offin-ear sensor function which is off by def


1.Touch Controls

2. MEMS Mics

3. Earbuds Led Indicator Green/White

4. Battery Capacity Digital Display

5.Type-CCharging Port

3.Pairing and Connection procedure

1.Pairing procedure

Take out the earbuds from the case at the same timeboth earbuds Led indicator will start blinking with Green and White light. In few seconds. one ofthe earbuds will keen blinking Green and Whitelight alternately.and the other willblink Green light every five seconds

2.Connection procedure

Turn on mobile’s Bluetooth and search for new deviceThen select”j4″ Now your “i4″will be connected with mobile and ready to useOnce connectedboth earbuds will stop blinking.






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