REAGEN Digital PCR System RX700


REAGEN Digital PCR System RX700


1.Collection signals at PCR end point.

2.Without reliance on standard curve.

3.Absolute quantification.

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1.Fully automated digital PCR

1.1 The REAGEN dPCR system integrates droplet generation, thermal cycling and imaging into a single fully automated instrument.
1.2 INNOVA instrument with minimal maintenance

2.Fast time to result

2.1 ~90-minute run time

3.Ultra-high multiplexing

3.1 Up to 6+1 channels can be configured for multiplex quantification

4.Simplified transition from gPCR

4.1 REAGEN dPCR system is compatible with qPCR detection chemistries such as hydrolysis probes and EvaGreen dye, simplifying the transition from qPCR assays.

5.The highest flexibility

5.1 highly optimized droplet number and volume formats for different application

5.2 3 sample formats : Standard mode, Hight sensitivity mode and Hiaht dynamic range mode






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REAGEN Digital PCR System RX700

Availability: 100 in stock (can be backordered)