Chromogenic Endotoxin

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  • Chromogenic Endotoxin Test Kit

    Food Safety

    Endotoxins are complex lipopolysaccharides (LPS) , which are biologically activestructural components of the outer cell membrane of gram-negative bacteria with a molecular weight of around 10 kDa and their general structure consists of three parts: a lipid component containing fatty acids and disaccharide phosphates (Lipid A), O-specific polysaccharide side chains (Oligo S) and a core polysaccharide chain (O Poly S). Removal of endotoxin in biological product is one of the key criteria. Monitor and quantitatively measure the endotoxin level is required. The mainstream LAL method is time-consuming and lack a broad linear response range. REAGEN endotoxin fluorescent kit is a quick and accurate assay to quantitate the endotoxin level in a biological product.