KOD DNA Polymerase

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  • KOD DNA Polymerase

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    KOD DNA polymerase was isolated and purified from Thermococcus Kodakaraensis DNA polymerase gene by induced expression in Escherichia coli. Due to its strong 3 ‘→ 5’ exonuclide activity, the Polymerase has a higher amplification fidelity than Pfu DNA Polymerase, which is about 50 times that of Taq. At the same time, the polymerase has a faster synthesis speed, polymerization rate is about 5 times that of common Pfu DNA Polymerase. Taq DNA Polymerase, which is twice the size of TAQ DNA, reaches 100-138bp/s, and can be polymerase with high yield in a short time. It is especially suitable for high-fidelity amplification of PCR products less than 6kb, and the resulting flat-ended DNA can be used in molecular biology experiments such as gene cloning, expression and mutation analysis.