Table type large capacity refrigerated centrifuge

Table type large capacity refrigerated centrifuge

Product introduction◎ This series has a variety of different rotors, one machine for multiple purposes, not only can perform 4x750ml large-capacity centrifugation, but also has a maximum speed of 6000

Product introduction

◎ This series has a variety of different rotors, one machine for multiple purposes, not only can perform 4x750ml large-capacity centrifugation, but also has a maximum speed of 6000rpm horizontal rotor centrifugation, which can be used in radioimmunity, molecular chemistry, biopharmaceuticals, cell culture separation, clinical medicine and other fields;

◎ A new type of composite material rotor with unique patented technology, ultra-lightweight, high-strength, slow heat conduction, strong corrosion resistance, and fast lifting speed. Patent number: ZL 201520661675.0

◎ The surface of the machine adopts the fine sand grain spraying process, and the implementation standard is IS09001 | level standard.

powerful functions:

1. Rotors and adapters can be widely selected for all centrifuge tubes, all blood collection tubes, all multi-well plates, most culture bottles and a small number of blood bags from 0.2mL-750ml;

2. With differential time centrifugal function: you can freely set the specific time of rising and falling speed, and the time of rising and falling speed can be set arbitrarily from 5s to 30min;

3. With gradient centrifugation function: you can freely set the speed and centrifugation time of 1 to 10 gradients; 4. With the inching centrifugation function: you can set the speed and start the centrifugation by inching;

5. With timing centrifugation function: you can freely set the opening time of the centrifuge operation. The centrifuge can also run automatically after the laboratory is unmanned.

Maximum safety:

1. It is optional to install a biosafety centrifuge, a biosafety airtight rotor and a biosafety airtight adapter for triple safety protection to prevent biological contamination. Suitable for centrifugation of dangerous samples such as infectious viruses, infectious bacteria and radioactive samples;

2. Equilateral triangle method to fix the door cover with even force during the operation of the centrifuge is safer;

3. Using electronic door locks, all-steel inner cavity protective sleeve, T45 cold-rolled steel body, 304 stainless steel centrifugal cavity; four heavy metal safety protection and one cushioning material to protect personal safety;

4. The emergency lid opening port is equipped with a protective head on the side of the instrument, and there is no pull switch, which is convenient for opening the lid in an emergency and eliminates safety hazards caused by misoperation;

5. The centrifugal cavity is treated with sandblasting process, which has strong corrosion resistance and no light pollution;

6. The stainless steel centrifugal cavity has high strength and low wind resistance at one time, and there is no easy-to-crack welding line under impact;

7. The noise of the whole machine runs quietly at 65 decibels. Prevent damage to hearing;

8. Use environmentally friendly refrigerant 404 refrigerant to prevent air pollution;

The 9.3-grade rubber shock absorber has a good automatic balance function and an unbalanced automatic shutdown function to protect personal safety; 10. It has an automatic rotor recognition function. Prevent the safety hazard caused by the user choosing the wrong rotor.

Keep improving control:

1. Driven by AC variable frequency motor, running smoothly and quietly without maintenance;

2. It has the function of shortening the starting and braking time, 15 gears acceleration and deceleration respectively control the braking time;

3. Large-screen color display, beautiful appearance: touch panel operation, simple and convenient. The centrifugal force parameter setting can be accurate to 1 x g, the speed can be accurate to 1 rpm, and the time can be accurate to 1 s. The large screen displays the parameters such as speed, centrifugal force, time, temperature, acceleration and deceleration, and the parameters can be changed during operation without stopping the machine;

4. When the countdown time is less than 1 minute, it will be displayed in seconds;

5. Imported high-efficiency refrigeration unit and imported solenoid valve are adopted, and the temperature control accuracy is high;

6. Freezing function: the rotor temperature can still be kept at 4℃ at the highest speed; with pre-cooling function; rapid cooling function from room temperature to 4℃ within 15 minutes;

7. The height of the whole machine is small, and the automatic opening angle is small, which is convenient for operation.






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