Microplate Washer

Microplate Washer

All Chinese menu, largescreen LCD display, simpleand easy to operate

1. Brief introduction of the instrument

1.1 Brief introduction of product 

1.1.1 Name of the product:  Microplate Washer 

1.1.2 Features of the product 

  • Englishoperating system, large screen liquid crystal display and graphic interface.
  • Support for single and three-channel washsystem apply to washes flat, U and V bottom ELISA plates and strips as well as standard 96-well or other types of plates.
  • Convenient programming, wash time, liquid volumeand soak time programmable. Plate washing, row washing and row-skip washing available.
  • Automatic positioning. Manual positioning to ensure the precision.
  • The design of double-pin wash head reducescross contamination.
  • Washand waste bottles have autoalarm function with liquid-surface detecting.
  • 8 and 12 way wash head available.
  • Incubation function (optional).

1.2 Specifications of the instrument 

Wash head: 8-way or 12-way
No. of wash profiles 10
Capacity of the storage bottle: Wash bottle, distilled water bottle and waste bottle, 2L each bottle respectively
Washing protocols 100
Washing cycles Max. 99
Soak / shaking time 0-24 h
Mode Plate & strip wash
Accuracy: +/- 5%
Residual volume < 1 µl
Washing volume 10-3000 µl / well
Resolution 1µl
Temperature accuracy +/- 5 %
Temperature stability +/- 5 %
Temperature uniformity +/- 1 °C
Warm-up time 6 min. ( ambient 25 °C to room temperature)
Display Liquid crystal display
Interface RS-232 bi-directional communication port
External dimensions 450mm(L)×390mm(W)×190mm(H)
Weight 13kg
Power supply a.c. 220V,  50Hz
Input power 80VA
Working environment 10℃~30℃, Relative humidity ≤70%
Fuse T3.15AL 250V, Ф5×20





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