RNE90002 Microplate Reader
1)RNE90002 is a microprocessor –controlled, general purpose photometer system designed to read and calculate the result of assays, including contagion, tumorous mark, hemopathy, dyshormonism, which are read in microtiter plate.

2)Touch panel let your operation easily.

3)Multiple calculations:

lAbsorbance mode (ABS)

lCut-Off mode

lSingle standard mode

lPoint to point mode

l% Absorbance Multi-Point Mode

lLinear regression mode

lExponent regression mode

lLogarithm regression mode

lPower regression mode

4) isualization mark plate,you can set blank,

control, sample ,standard in any place,and

run mostly 12 different tests in one 96 micr


5) Test time <5s/plate,and mix plate before


6)Item parameter settings: parameters of 120 detection items can be set, saved and queried for future detection;

7)Detection calibration: detection calibration is enabled, calibration parameters of 120 last items can be saved, calibration parameters can be transferred while do the same item



Parameters of instrument
Weight: 8.1kg
Overall dimensions: 430mm(L)×335mm(W)×175mm(H)
Power: a.c.110V~220V,50-60Hz
Fuses: T2AL250V
Work Environment: temperature 10℃-30℃;Humidity ≤70%
Store Environment: -20℃-55℃;Humidity ≤93%
Standard Wavelength: 405,450,492,630nm,Ten optical fibers can be configured within 400 to 800 at a


Instrument sensitivity: no less than 0.01L/mg.
Instrument channel difference: less than 0.01A.
Range of operating wavelength: 400-800nm;
Detection range: 0.000-4.000A;
Resolution ratio: 0.001A;
Plate reading velocity: 5s of single waveform, 10s of dual wavelength;
Warm up time: 10 minute
Interface: RS-232C serial interface, USB interface
Display: 5.7″LCD display(320×240 discernibility,256 gray scale)
Input: Touch panel and pen,
Accuracy ±0.01(0.000-2.000nm)
Linear error ±1.0%(0.000-2.000nm)
Accurate wavelength ±3.0nm





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