OverExpress C43 Competent E. coli

OverExpress C43 Competent E. coli

High-fidelity DNA polymerase sets the “gold standard” for efficient PCR. The error rate of high-fidelity DNA polymerase is 1/50 of Taq and 1/6 of Pfu, making it an excellent choice for cloning and other applications requiring high fidelity. Compared to other DNA polymerases, DNA polymerases have robust performance, short protocol time (even when PCR inhibitors are present), and high yield with fewer enzyme quantities.

Product overview

This product is made of Escherichia coli OverExpress C43 receptive cell strain treated by special process. OverExpress C43 strain has a strong ability to express toxic proteins and hydrophobic proteins, and can be used for pET series, pGEX, pMAL and other proteins.

Product characteristics

• Efficient expression of toxic or hydrophobic proteins

• Stable storage at -80°C for several months with no change in conversion efficiency

• pUC19 plasmid detection, conversion efficiency up to 107cfu/μg DNA


It can be used for thermal shock transformation of DNA






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